Kenny Duane Harris read the Light in the Attic

— feeling haha
Light in the Attic - Shel Silverstein



This book of poems by the late author Shel Silverstein contains crude illustrations by the writer himself but the humorous text and the easy reading was compelling enough to cater to my then 6-year-year old daughter's taste.


She had asked me to read her certain poems and I recall her smile lighting up like a Christmas tree each time. I read the entire book to her once, and afterwards we would reread certain pages from the book.


Silverstein's funny imaginary world is unpredictable. You will never know where the next laugh or smirk will come from. My daughter also learned some previously unknown words from this book. At 8 years-old today, I credit some of her vocabulary acquisition from this book.


The Light in the Attic will always be a memory for my daughter. I even believe when she gets older, she will pull this book out and continue to reread her many favorite passages. 


Some of the illustrations is borderline nude considering the absence of pants or shirts from the hilarious characters, but the stories are mostly worthwhile, funny, and some even educational like the "Homework Machine" or "The guy who wore many Hats". 


Very fine book to introduce to children and imaginary worlds with no pressure to read it all in one sitting. I highly recommend this book of silly poems to parents and educators.