Happy New Year!

Sorry for the lack of communication in the last couple of months. I've been freelancing, juggling a couple of jobs, and partaking during the many Holidays we've had. 


As an author my New Years resolution is to network by meeting new and interesting people and exchanging dialogue on the subject of books.


I've been to busy to write book reviews! My heart is in actual writing and getting feedback from others. 


I like to get to know others who share a love of American History or the world history of shadow puppets that had an influence beginning in Ancient China  2,0000 years ago. It has an oral tradition before paperback was appealing to children. 


Please feel free to send some of your friends in my direction. I will surely be on the lookout to meet and know new people. 


As a person who worked in education, law enforcement, and for the USPS, I'm sure I have a nugget or 2 to share some interesting insights about characters or stories that can be or are appealing.


Again, Happy Holidays and we are here to indulge in the New Year!