Jet Set Jeff: The Science Defender

Hello readers!


My name is Kenneth Harris. I am a self-published writer of children books that are available on Amazon at  I also like using shadow puppets or real life videos for my book trailers. 


My most recent book, "Jet Set Jeff: The Science Defender" is my most recent chapter- fiction book about a 10 year-old boy who secretly creates a malfunctioning gadget suit to protect his mother, a police officer, and his father, a firefighter from an unlikely nemesis. 


This is a different kind of superhero. Unlike Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Iron Man, Jeff's parents are still alive.


That's the only good news.


The bad news is he is using a defected gadget suit to protect them. Nothing ever goes right as planned but he gets the job done. He always save his accident prone parents in the most unpredictable ways.


The theme is apparent- keep trying and never give up. You will eventually weather the storm and make a difference. I am asking you to purchase my book and share it with children and anyone who come in contact with children. 


 I plan to have more Youtube videos of shadow puppetry that teaches and entertains elementary school children on my YouTube channel at


Thank you my friends and I look forward to getting to know you!





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